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Donate tools to enable remote work during COVID-19 outbreak

#3 Product of the DayMarch 17, 2020
Software Donation is an open source initiative to transform and create impact with the power of software tools. Transform lives and make an impact by donating the premium access to your software to those in need.
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Hi Product People👋 In the current situation, it’s more important than ever for software companies to donate their tools to those in need to make a change. Traditionally, the donations have been done in the form of financial or tangible goods. We believe in 21 century, it’s a good time to think about donating intangibles such as software as it's indispensable part of our life. We already noticed some companies started providing the access to their tools to those in need to enable them work remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak which was a great gesture. With this initiative, we are aiming to raise the awareness around software donation and motivate more companies to join the movement and make changes.💪 If you’re having a tool and you believe it might benefit a group of people who are in need, please reach us out and we can discuss further. We’re also busy with curating a new set of tools for distance studying, if you would like to join the cause or suggest a tool, drop us a message and we’ll connect.🎁 By the way, this platform is open source.🔓 Many thanks! Sandoche & Farbod
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@farbodsaraf I was just in the middle of creating the exact same thing ;) Feel free to add the tools I've already collected
@kacper_staniul Awesome, many thanks for sharing. We will add them.
@farbodsaraf @kacper_staniul Hi both! Toasty, a virtual event platform focusing on networking, is also donating 30-day pro plan now if you'd like to add it to the list
I just shared this with my family and friends. Thanks for making it accesible and listing the options we have. In the current situation it's good to see people making efforts to stabilize small businesses and help mitigate the effect of COVID-19 in our lives. It's a pleasure to see these efforts in PH aswell. Good job guys!
@carlos_bernabeu Thanks Carlos, also let us know if you know people who can donate their software !
Nice product, very useful right now because of many people currently working remotely. Thanks!!
@etienne0790 Thanks Etienne! Let us know if you have any feedback.
These are the kind of initiatives we need 🙌 Very good work guys!
@patricia_mayo1 Thanks a lot! Glad you like it.
Great initiative !
@simoelalj Thanks :) Let us know if you have anything to donate!