Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Download YouTube as video, music, ringtones to your iPhone.

SYC 2 is a $20 Mac & Windows application from Softorino, the folks behind the insanely useful and clever WALTR software. Like that software, SYC 2 makes it easy to sync videos/audio from online sources directly to an iOS device without the need to first import them into iTunes.

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@kwdinc Thank you so much for hunting us!!! We're glad to be back on PH with... ANOTHER ONE (c) Dj Khaled :) We're proud to introduce the second iteration of our famous Softorino YouTube Converter. The all-new Softorino YouTube Converter 2, or just SYC 2, features incremental downloads, speed improvements, support for the entire lineup of Apple devices (including iPod Classic from 2001), cover art recognition for music, and automatic Wi-Fi connection to your devices. But the most amazing feature is: Trim-less Ringtones. Now, you can turn any of 10 billion YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks into a ringtone for your iPhone in a single click. All of this makes SYC 2 an invaluable companion for every Apple device owner. In short, our new SYC 2 was made to become the best & most beautiful app to download Any YouTube As Video, Music or even Ringtones to your iPhone, iPad, Mac or even old iPod Classics. We want YOU, the PH community to try it out and let us know your honest feedback. Any feature requests are also very welcome!! –– How is SYC 2 different from browser add-ons/youtube-dl/websites that do the same? There are two things that make this app really stand out in a crowded arena: 1) You only have to copy the URL and the app will do the rest 2) It's the World's first desktop class application to get YouTube videos, music, ringtones directly into iPhone, iPad or even old iPod classic. No iTunes or additional iOS apps required. P.S. With SYC 2, we aimed to create a product that will complete change the "game" for its niche. Kind of what iPhone did to phones in 2007. The "Lava" design and unique features we've introduced is our attempt here. P.P.S. ***Everyone that comes from PH gets a special discount for a lifetime license***
@kwdinc @joshsoftorino This is all that a non tech/21st century human needs to finally have music on their phone. The above is me. Josh can I marry you? Who can I contact re the PH discount please? Which pack is best for me? I need for 1 pc's, 2 phones
@kwdinc @joshsoftorino Great cust' serv', wanted to know more, so rang the number online (disclaimer: i like using a phone to talk) they didn't pick up, but called me back in UK, kudos to you. Love from your biggest cheerleader in UK. Any plans for Android?
@kwdinc @sam_cholera Thank you for such awesome feedback ;) I'm already married, brother – so no go ahaha No need to contact anyone. Simply enter the coupon code 'SYC2PH' during the checkout and you'll get a discount :) Valid until July 12th, 2017. The best pack would be a single lifetime license which will work for your Windows machine but you can transfer to an unlimited amount of devices.
@kwdinc @sam_cholera And thank you for testing out support team :) Probably called during a "busy hour" but yes, we do call back right away. Support is 24/7 in case you ever need it. No plans for Android for now simply because Android is already such an open system :(
Pre ordered it without even using it because I know it is the awesome product. Have used Waltr, Waltr 2 and SYC; all of em are great products! And this one is no exception! Loving it. Congratulations to whole Softorino team!!
@a_m_i_am thanks for your support! It's a pleasure to hear that you enjoy using our products. We are working hard on making them great!
WOW! Just uploaded 200+ music playlist to my old iPod Classic and it works brilliantly!
@quser thanks for trying it! The beautiful thing about Softorino YouTube Converter 2 is it's ability to download music in bulk from YouTube, SoundCloud and other websites in playlists. And considering the fact that we support pretty much all the major music websites out there — your iPod Classic will be filled with great songs in no time! :)
Amazing. Basically how media management on Apple tech should have been all along. Softorino can do no wrong in my book. <3
@ezchile thank you for your awesome feedback! Yes, we tried to make it as simple as possible. Just like pretty much anything in Apple devices.
How is this legal? Atleast with youtube-dl its a barrier to entry but this a packaged product that lets you rip music content from the likes of publishers like VEVO etc. I like the product and don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I just worry about the legal side of it, and if I was to buy this product, what is stopping you from being sued and being told to seize development, and therefore there is no further updates to the product?
@tharshan_muthulingam thank you for this question! On the legal side, It's pretty much like jaywalking. We've even done a scrupulous research on this. More on it here:
@tharshan_muthulingam @victorbasyul So you admit this is illegal? 🤔 Your "scrupulous" research admits that you're in violation of copyright law in the very first paragraph. I would be terribly hesitant to pay money for software that openly violates the law (whose team admits it on their own website!).
@tharshan_muthulingam @nickabouzeid I would put it this way: it's neither white or black, it's in the 'gray area'. And there are literally 1000s of similar web/plug-in solutions on the web used by millions of people worldwide. What makes us different: is the ability of directly download videos, music & ringtones onto iOS & the simplicity of the whole process. We've developed this app solely with good intentions. We're simply allowing users to time-shift or watch later their favorite content. We do not sell or distribute it in any way. It's for personal use only. The user decides what to do with it on his/her own.
@tharshan_muthulingam @victorbasyul It doesn't seem like a "gray" zone when you say it's "technically illegal" on your website. Also, just because "everybody else does it" doesn't make it ok. You've built a cool product - the functionality is original & impressive, but it doesn't make it legally compliant. Also, you do sell it - the upgraded version of your software is $19.95 on your website. The content on YouTube has advertisements that aren't played when downloaded & watched dozens of time offline... revenue from which isn't given to the content producers who put time, money, and effort into producing original content.
@tharshan_muthulingam @nickabouzeid Nick, you’re right. The title of the article is misleading at this point. We’re going to change it now. Please understand, our software is not illegal simply because we act kind of like a torrent client. Which are also legal. It’s what you’re doing with the product, is illegal. But the actual use is for a good deed. It’s about enjoying content offline when you’re on a flight or underground. Or simply don’t have an internet connection. By making creators’ content available offline – we engage users even when they wouldn’t have otherwise watched your videos and this provides higher chances for them to engage with your channel and return to YouTube for more videos. So this approach does not replace your YouTube page but actually enhances the viewing experience for your content viewers. The buttom line is — it’s safe to buy our product. YouTube converters have been around for many years, and we’re not planning on stopping either. :)