Automated visual reviews for GitHub pull requests

Developers, having trouble with large pull requests you need to review?Visualizations of code change shows nicely both dependencies and the context. Additional insights helps to identify issues early.
Hunters get a free month of usage in the cloud!
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Really great tool to get visualization of changes to improve quality of reviews and software and accelerate development work!
@ville_kukkola Thanks Ville, happy to be able to help!

Great way to remove some laboursome code review effort


Truly efficient method to understand dependencies in visual way!


Language support is developing. Most popular stuff already available though!

Yes, currently supported languages are Java, JavaScript, C, C++, C#, TypeScript, Python, PHP, Scala, Go, Kotlin. The details are here:
Dear developer Hunters, Super exciting day for us to release Softagram in GitHub. Please check out our DevOps tool from coders-to-coders and let us know if this would be the new way to boost pull-request reviews by using the power of intelligent visualization. -Tommi
Such an amazing tool to increase the efficiency of developers' performance!