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every time something like this comes up, I feel like it's a valiant but futile effort. these platforms change their API all the time and have so many exclusive features that these type of apps just turn into feed aggregators (since you can't even post to some platforms). the generation of heavy social media users don't care that they need different apps. so why would we need this?
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@thejeremycarson where's the evidence on your second statement?
@ausonio @thejeremycarson how about Google Buzz, for starters?
@thejeremycarson True that users dont mind checking into different apps for their different needs and its hard to match native app experience, This one is still good enough to check the updates at least and later decide how much time it saves.
@thejeremycarson Such a good point - the api management is a behemoth of maintenance
@samir_doshi @thejeremycarson it's not as terrible as it seems. Unless you're dealing with really terrible API teams, the updates needed are usually pretty simple, and old deprecated API calls aren't usually removed for a long time (unless for security reasons). I think it's a misconception that api management and maintenance is a huge time suck. It really isn't compared to all the other problems that come with relying on API's (such as getting popular enough to get access cut off without notice).
This looks great! Design's beautiful and it seems clean and fit for purpose (the icon reminds me a little of but that may just be me). A quick question before I buy, is commenting supported? I'd love to get rid of my individual apps and combine into one but to do this, commenting would be a must-have feature. Otherwise looks great!
@ryanstubbs You can comment on Facebook and reply to tweets. However, due to the api, there's no commenting on Instagram posts unfortunately.
@ryanstubbs Nice design --- who would be your main competitors? I know aggregating all content under one umbrella has been attempted before but this looks very polished, nice work.
@samir_doshi @ryanstubbs I would say there are a couple of other aggregators that (in my opinion) aren't as good. Otherwise, I would say that we are a more simple, accessible service similar to that of HootSuite and Buffer. They're not necessarily competitors as they're more targeted at businesses rather than consumers or posters like SoFlow
@bcgray00 Yeah, I agree. The issues I've always found with those type of apps is that they're great for interacting with customers and tracking specific keywords but if you're using them for casual browsing of personal accounts, the experience isn't nearly as pleasant as the official clients. SoFlow looks like a great in-between
You guys finally unite all these social media apps and it seems to be very handy! What do you think about YouTube integration? It would be great to see the new updates from channels you're subscribed to
@ligoalexandr yeah that would be good, keep your eyes peeled for an update
I think this is a great idea. In fact I had been looking for an app like this myself. Did not find one so I created one for android called Aggreg8 - check it out. I will be downloading this one to try out. However like another comment pointed out it will be great to have a freemium version to generate a large user base
I was going to download this but when I saw it was a paid app I decided to hold off. Yes it's only £1.99 but all these small amounts add up and then I never use the apps again. I can't decide whether I need this or not. That being said I've not come across another app for iOS that combines all your social feeds so I may eventually buy this if it saves me opening each app separately.