Turn any lightbulb into a smart bulb

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 24, 2016
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Isn't this more expensive than... a smart bulb?
@b2rhom Also how does the colour slider in the app mockup actually work in terms of colouring the bulb?
@b2rhom A lot more lol
@b2rhom yes but you don't need to buy a separate hub. Still I find smart plugs to be more versatile and with smart bulbs you can control color as well
Does it work with Apple's home kit? I made that mistake before with a company that had a stand alone app, which was atrocious.
@jimbobarooney_d apparently it does, there's the logo on their site.
Would like to see life cycle costing vs alternative smart bulbs - didn't see this info on the website.
This is already more expensive than these color changing smart bulbs:
So this is a la carte pricing for basically Hue? The app is nicer than Hue's for sure. @idevices @kristofertm