The community where you can find personal help

Socionity is a marketplace where people with skills across the board can extend help to those who need them.

One can find personal one-on-one help for their particular tasks and can tip the helper for their time and effort.

The community is driven by helping each other complete their tasks.

Please use the invite code : "beta-ph" for a bounty!

Remember the last time someone thanked you sincerely? Got more than what your 9 to 5 job demands? Socionity now enables you to micro-cooperate with people around the world. What is a micro cooperation? Micro-cooperation is when two people come together to help each other with small tasks. Micro cooperation becomes valuable especially when the person offering the help is skilled particularly at the task on hand by virtue of training or experience. Why switch to Socionity? In traditional freelance marketplaces, every service has a price. On Socionity, services don’t have a price β€” they are all free. We encourage users to come forward and help each other. What’s in it for a service provider, if it’s free? Although service is for free, clients can support service providers by sending them tips. The more the tips received by a user, the higher will be their distribution. And ofcourse, the provider can always use some extra cash! Why should service seekers invest? Two reasons. 1. Whenever a user tips a service providers, not only are they sending cash, they are also making an investment. Each time the service provider earns a tip in future, the user who had tipped earlier makes a small profit too. 2. Service providers tend to be favourable towards users who have had a history of tipping in return for their services. Though completely optional, we encourage users to tip whenever they find useful help. Come join this vibrant tightly-knit community now! On and we are running a small bounty for our first 100 users. Grab your in-app currency and some goodies by offering help early!
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@madhavanmalolan Great job !! 😊 Would love an chat feature to chat directly with the clients or whoever needs help
@ayush_chandra There is a chat feature in the app too πŸ˜ƒ
@madhavanmalolan curious what type of actions or tasks are most common on the platform. πŸ€”
@rrhoover Though it is still evolving, most tasks seem to be revolving around developers, designers and marketing. Essentially Makers? πŸ™ˆ
Great idea!