Connecting with people is just a "phone shake" away!

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Socio is an iOS and Android app that eliminates the hassle of exchanging contact information by linking all of your info, including email, phone number, and social media accounts into one Socio profile. When you want to share your information with someone (or a group of people) you both give a quick “phone shake” or search for one another on the app and all of your information is instantly swapped upon consent! So no more copying and pasting account information into each app one by one, or passing your phone to people asking them to type in their usernames or numbers. Whether connecting with just two people or 200, you just shake and connect! Also, Socio is cloud-based, so If you are changing your phone number or one of your social media information, updating your Socio profile will be enough to notify everyone!! I am the Co-founder and CEO at our company Socio Labs - feel free to drop me a line with any questions or comments. FEEL FREE TO ADD ME ON SOCIO: Yarkin Sakucoglu
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So this isn't a new idea. What makes your app different from the now defunct Bump?
@aldenmarshall Hey Alden! Thanks for the comment. Bump was an application that allowed 2 people to share not only contact info but files etc. We are trying to build the ultimate tool to connect with people you meet! And that is the thing we want to do really well! - Firstly, Socio allows you to shake and connect with groups of people, which makes life a lot easier. You can go to a networking event and shake to connect with 200 people just in seconds! That also allows you to see who is around. - Secondly, Socio works like a social network on its own. It allows you to search for other users and connect with them without being in close proximity. So for example, if you met someone on email or phone, you can just search for them on the app and add them. Feel free to add me : Yarkin Sakucoglu - Finally, Socio is dynamic; it is all cloud-based. Bump and other applications were sending an instant snapshot of your contact info to people you connected with. We don't do that. With Socio, users can update/edit their profiles, and their connections will be receiving their latest info. So if you changed your phone number/email or even made a new social media profile, you can just go ahead and update it on your Socio, and your connections will be notified instantly. In summary, we are trying to build the ultimate connection app that makes it seamless to share access and updafte!
@ysakucoglu @aldenmarshall multiple instead of 1:1 is a great improvement from those other apps which have walked down this path before.
@samir_doshi Thanks Sam! It makes life a lot easier 👌🏻
@ysakucoglu totally -- i think that is the value twist that others failed to capture