Social media listening, engagement, & publishing all-in-one

SocialWeaver is a social media management platform that makes it easy to schedule and publish categorized content, actively listen in on (and learn from) any brand in the world, and engage with followers on any network all in one convenient place.

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Hello Hunters! We have an exclusive deal for the product hunt community. Make sure you click the "Website" button to get the code. SocialWeaver is a social media management platform for publishing, active listening, and engagement. With SocialWeaver you can: * Schedule and publish categorized content * Actively listen in on (and learn from) any brand in the world * Engage with followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube all in one convenient place How SocialWeaver differs from other social media management tools: Save time: View the top (or worst) performing posts, filter by sentiment, keywords, or phrase for any brand in the world in under a minute. Discover what any company’s audience responds well to without spending time and energy running tests across platforms. Stop juggling tabs and apps: Access all of your accounts from every single post, eliminating the need to juggle tabs and apps. If you see a post you’d like to engage with — whether it’s liking someone else’s post or responding to a comment on yours — a simple dropdown menu makes it easy to select which profile you’d like to engage as. Managing multiple accounts across multiple networks has never been easier. Store all of your content to a categorized library then create a category-based schedule to publish it. You can configure some categories to recycle/repost your content automatically, increasing your ROI on time spent creating each post. While some of this is not unique to SocialWeaver, we do take publishing a step further by allowing you to tailor each post to each network with our intuitive live preview. You can see how your post will appear on every supported platform as you adjust the length, URLs, and hashtags in seconds. Listening and Engagement support Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and RSS. While Publishing supports Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Our Introducing SocialWeaver blog on Medium has a lot more info on how the platform works. Last but not least, please don't hesitate to share your feedback, thoughts, and ideas. We'd love to hear from you!
@yabood any thoughts of supporting Linkedin?
@brucekraftjr Hi Bruce, yes LinkedIn is on our roadmap already and will be available in late January.
@yabood excellent. will the same product hunt special be available then as well?
@yabood and thank you very much for the quick response!! :D
@brucekraftjr The current Product Hunt coupon is set to expire by the end of the month. However, our plan is to launch the Linkedin support through here again with a new similar exclusive.

As you listen in on competitors and leading brands, you can learn from others’ efforts. From frequency of posts to the type of content that’s being shared, it’s now possible to discover what any company’s audience responds well to without spending time and energy running tests across platforms. This makes it easy for business owners, marketers, and social media managers to stay informed about how their target audience reacts to content online — highly valuable information that was, until now, extremely expensive and difficult to come by.

SocialWeaver recycles your content library automatically, you can rest assured that you always have content being pushed out on schedule across your networks.


Active listening and engagement (in addition to publishing); scheduling a post multiple times at once.


I think the platform could look more sleek, but that's subjective.

I tried this product, and I think the quickest way for me to explain it to anyone else would be that it has some of the same features as Buffer and Hootsuite, but it also has active listening and engagement capabilities. You can also schedule the same post multiple times at the same time.
@nikkielizdemere Thank you for hunting us!
Looks interesting, will give it a try soon!
@steitiyeh Excellent! Please don't hesitate to ping us if you have any questions or need any assistance setting it up.

I've been using SocialWeaver for the last few weeks and have loved what it has offer. I ran into a couple bugs, but their team was able to quickly identify and resolve the issue either the same day or next. None of the issues were show stoppers anyway, but when you receive great responsiveness from their support and they provide a quick resolution, it says a lot about the kind of customer service that I can expect from them in the future.


Active listening through multiple social media channels; post scheduling while cycling posts automatically so you don't double post content


No LinkedIn support yet (though it's on the roadmap)