Collect, analyse & broadcast your social media posts is the next generation tool to broadcast - on any device - the most engaging social media interactions from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Slack... mentioning your brand, product or event.

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Hi Hunters! As a startup focused on data scoring and social media, started 2 years ago as a side projet for our own use at events. Now we are proud to provide many great companies worldwide such as Google, Nintendo, Adidas… and much more! Because we wanted to be accessible to everyone and fit every budget, we created a brand new offer: the Starter plan. It is perfect for... well... everyone that wishes to enhance their digital interactions from Twitter or Instagram in public spaces. Within a few minutes, you can sign up, create your first wall and pay as you go (psss, we added 2 free hours for the launch 🚀). The Starter plan is also provided with Analytics, Moderation, a bunch of predesigned templates, and a lot of love! We hope you’ll enjoy using as much as we enjoyed creating it. And please, don’t hesitate to give us any feedback! PS.: we also include Slack, Yammer, Youtube, Facebook... Let me know if you want to test a special feature!
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@quentinlechemia any thoughts of incorporating Linkedin?
@brucekraftjr Hi Bruce! Thanks for your message. :) Linkedin was not our top priority but it is clearly in our product roadmap. Btw, here are all supported platforms:
I know the team behind SocialWall and they are relentless. I am glad to finally see this product on PH. A SocialWall seems a priority if you are producing an event and you want to engage with the attendees/followers. This solution is currently the best on the market and the team is super fun to work with.
@michael_boamah Thanks Mike for your amazing support! Always a pleasure to hear from you :)
Great job !! Will surely try it out 😊
@ayush_chandra Thanks a lot! Let me know what you think ;)
Any indication on pricing? Looks great but I'm always wary of hidden prices
@scotty_bowler Hi Scott! It’s free to sign up for a Starter account and we’re offering 2 free hours to broadcast your Social Wall. Passed this time limit, you need to add credits. Available packages are listed in your dashboard and start at $99 for 12 hours :)
@quentinlechemia Ahh - that's a really good pricing model, nice!

Definitively the least interesting social wall tool

Don't try it ! You will waste your time !


0/10 a real shit


0/10 a real shit