Decentralized and encrypted storage for your Facebook data

SocialVault allows you to securely store and browse your Facebook data. You can #deletefacebook and take all of your memories with you.
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Hey PH 👋🏾, today I’m happy to launch SocialVault, which allows you to #deletefacebook and take your memories with you. The Problem 😡 Trust in Facebook is at an all time low and users are becoming increasingly concerned about privacy issues. Many people want to #deletefacebook for good, but are afraid to take that final plunge for various reasons. One of the biggest reasons that people don’t want to delete Facebook is because they’ve created so much memories there over the years that they don’t want to throw it all away. Even though Facebook allows you to download your data, there’s not much you can do with it after you download it. The Idea 💡 SocialVault allows you to store and browse your Facebook data very securely. Using Blockstack’s Gaia Storage, this data is decentralized and encrypted. This means that no one but the user can access their own data, not even the app developer. Once a user’s Facebook data is uploaded to SocialVault, they can browse through their memories by looking at their photo albums, reading old posts on their timeline, and much more. -- This is an early stage project and there may be some bugs lying around, so if you find anything that needs fixing, let me know and I’ll get to it ASAP ❤️.
Really cool concept. When I deleted Facebook a few years ago, the data sat in a JSON file on my computer until I just...forgot about it. Wish something like this had existed back then!
@jehunter5811 I was pretty surprised that no one had built a product that used that data, even in the midst of all the anti-facebook sentiment.
Great concept, solves a huge problem!
@lachlankirkwood Thanks! I think trying to delete facebook is a mentally difficult process, and hopefully this reduces people's stress about it.
love this. we need more products like this.
@edisonjoao6871 Thanks for the support, would love to see more products that help ease the transition off of social media.
I had this idea over 2.5 years ago but couldn't sell it internally to my peeps. Good job and Go Bruins!