Download social media images and videos. Free, no hassle.

Too many websites prevent their users from downloading content to their personal devices.
SocialSnapper gives that power back to the users.
Want to save an Instagram post, Reddit video, Youtube video, or Twitch clip? Look no further. Free and instant.
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@andrewvanness Thanks for sharing this - just tested for IG - would love to see IGTV and IG Live included as options to download
@krishnade Great ideas Krishna, thank you! I will be looking into those.
@andrewvanness You are very welcome - keep us posted!
@andrewvanness I see you comment that you are working on Twitter too which is great - perhaps you can also see if you can also include Twitter Live and Periscope too?
Why not Twitter?
@davidj Thanks for your interest, David. Twitter is on the way but still in development. :)
“I think that all censorship should be deplored. My position is that bits are not a bug.” Aaron Swartz
Great product! Would love to see every platform included, would save time sourcing multiple sites to perform the same action 👍