SocialSizes 2.0

All Image and Video sizes for Social Media with templates

#3 Product of the DayDecember 11, 2019
SocialSizes 2.0 includes template download for all networks in one file. You can also see sizes and download separately for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitch, TikTok and more. Sizes are updated as soon as I know about a change.
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I'd be happy to hear some feedback. How could I make this even better for 3.0?
@assentorp Does this also provide resizing? This could be something for 3.0
@assentorp Add safe zones for mobile/desktop, Add some other sizes like social Ads, Possibility to get a mockup.
@cedrik_dudek What do you mean by resizing?
@benjebara Good ideas... thanks a lot!
@assentorp This is definitely something for the future, but not just offering a library of sizes but also providing some way of switching between those sizes with one design
Looks great but Figma is pretty quickly becoming the tool you want to release this for
@ridderingand_ I've heard that Figma has this already built in, is that true?
@assentorp Hmm I haven't had the use case to find it, but I haven't seen it yet.
@ridderingand_ If you press "A" you will see a list of artboards on the right. In the bottom of it there's "Social Media" but I can see it doesn't have everything. I'll put it on my list to add Figma Thanks for mentioning it. <3
@ridderingand_ @assentorp at least for now you can open the Sketch files in Figma (I use Sketch though πŸ˜„)
@ridderingand_ @assentorp Figma does have a very limited set of artboard sizes built in for social, but nothing near the comprehensiveness of what you've got here :)
Very good one, I'll put it in when I have a bit of time!
you did photoshop but not figma... galaxy brain
@imogennnmnnnnnn I'll add Figma very soon. For now you can just use the Sketch files and import them into figma :-)
Figma please πŸ™
@igor_stepahin I'll make sure to add that!
@igor_stepahin Figma is now added.