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Hey everyone, I'm Alex, the co-founder of SocialRank. Happy to chat about the product here. We have been working on SocialRank Premium for a bit and excited to release it today. Basically brands/agencies want to do more with their audience but they don't have the tools to figure out who they should invite to things, give product for free to and on top of that they don't have software to manage it (all done in spreadsheets). So we basically built software to not only find and identify the right people in your audience (what SocialRank has been till now) but also to do things with them once you find them. In terms of how we've seen brands + agencies use us / interesting potential use cases: 1. A data driven approach to Surprise and Delight Campaigns (rewards or seeding product) A few examples: Muhammad Ali - GoPro - Kevin Spacey - Juicy Couture - Maroon 5 - 3. Location based activations (Finding people for local events) Examples: - Bernie Sanders wants to find people to come to a rally in Minnesota - Nike wants to find 50 running fans in UK for an event with Usain Bolt - Red Cross case study - These are two use cases I keep seeing. However, SocialRank is an open canvas and there are tons of ways one can use it on a personal level. I personally use it for recruiting (i.e. search for engineer, designer), finding reporters to cover launches (i.e. who has reporter, writer, editor in their bio), business meetings when I travel (location filter), finding biz leads by looking for social media managers, marketers that follow me and more.
@ajt Can you explain how SocialRank Premium helps brands and companies do these things, for those who may not be familiar with the product?
@ajt Love what you're doing with relationship management and engagement (i.e. with existing followers), especially the word clustering stuff you're doing. Does SR have plans to tackle discovery and awareness (i.e. engagement with non-followers)?
@jslampe @ajt So if you use the intel service, you can search any public account. Which means if I'm a brand, and my target audience is extreme sports athletes and their followers, then I could run GoPro or RedBull's instagram accounts, sort for their biggest (or medium, or smallest) influencers and reach out to them. I could also just look to see GoPro's most engaged fans and follow them as well.
@erickschonfeld yea totally. So SocialRank Premium is all about what happens after you find the right people. This ranges from Export to CSV and PDF to something new we have called DM Campaigns. This lets you DM multiple people a similar message at the same time in a mail merge type of environment. So if you are Bloomingdales and have a new store opening up in West Hollywood and want to invite 20 people to the opening, you can easily DM the 20 people the invitation in a personalized way. Make sense? It is all about helping you execute on campaigns - whether location based (like the Bloomingdales example) or Rewards/Seeding Product, etc.
@gbaroth @jslampe Greg nailed it. Yea Market Intel lets you run any account. So someone like Nike could run Adidas, UA, Puma, Reebok, etc. And see their audiences. We are thinking about something for non-followers that engage with you.
Go team SR
@ryandawidjan thanks ryan...gosling
This product is pretty outstanding -- and it's remarkable to see the progress that is made with every iteration.
@cvbonello Thanks Charles!
Congrats Alex and team!! Really exciting
Currently holding on to my hat, while my list is being generated. But I can't wait to see the new SocialRank. Woot, @ajt!