SocialRank Market Intelligence for Twitter

Enter any handle. Sort & filter their followers. Try @pmarca

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Hey everyone, Alex here, the co-founder of SocialRank. Market Intel is everything SocialRank already does, organizing your Twitter followers and allowing you to filter them by location, interests, engagement, and influence. Except now you can do that with any public Twitter account (not just your own). Want to see Coca-Cola’s, eBay’s, or your competitor’s followers? That’s what Market Intel lets you do. Market Intel isn’t free, but we’ve made @pmarca the one account anyone can come in and play with without paying. Of course, regular SocialRank (logging in with any handle you own) will remain free. I’m happy to chat with anyone here or via email (
Really great product from the guys at Social Rank.
@cvbonello Thanks for the love.
Social Rank is onto something big. I've recommended it to atleast a dozen clients and friends. This is especially valuable for the emerging sector of "influencers" aka people with huge followings on SM. I've always been surprised that twitter didn't natively include this. Huge gap filled
I've seen SocialRank in action and it's pretty cool the type of intel you can get out of it.. ever wonder which followers you have in common with The Biebz? Now you know.
Congrats on the launch! Great product