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Hey everyone - I’m Alex, one of the co-founders of SocialRank. We’ve been working the SocialRank Index for a few months now and are really excited about getting it out the door. The SocialRank Index tracks industry-wide follower and engagement levels across a handful of metrics to give a more complete picture of brand-follower interaction. You can think of it as a Bloomberg stock chart, except for Twitter data. I like to think of it as Moneyball for Brands. The first index we are releasing is called the "Global Brands" Index. The companies that make up this Index are everyone from Nike and Starbucks to Coca Cola and Nintendo. These are the most recognizable logos in the world. We will be adding more indexes ranging from sports and music to retail and CPG over the next few weeks/months (if you know any reporter that wants the data first, let me know). We’ve started with just Twitter, but we’ll be expanding to other platforms as well (we are working on Instagram right now). Technology-wise, it has been an uphill battle making it “real(-ish) time” that I’m sure @baconseason can talk about if asked. Building to scale is something we had in place for a handful of big accounts to come in each week (like a 5M followed account running quickly). But what happens when you have 100+ massive accounts running every hour? Not easy stuff. So technically it took a lot longer than we wanted, but we are in a really great spot now. I’m here to answer any questions and if you want to reach me about anything, feel free to email me at Alex@SocialRank.com or give feedback at Index@SocialRank.com.
@baconseason @SocialRank @ajt Can I get access! Would love to take a look :)
@baconseason @SocialRank @ajt Congratulations, Alex!! Glad to see the baby you talked about to me officially launched!
Hey all -- Michael here, tech lead for SocialRank. I'd love to answer any tech questions you might have!
@baconseason Congrats on the launch! Which part of the pipeline was the most difficult to scale? How did you solve it?
Taub is real deal.
@jamyn and you are James Bond.
This feature is pretty useful! Is the followers number in the first graph an average, or an aggregate? You should probably consider a rolling 30 day number instead of 7 days.
@ellenjdasilva thanks ellen - we will have 30 days once we hit that date range of data.
I love SocialRank. It is the easiest way to get a run down of your "influencers" by engagement, MVPs, etc. Also Alex is a cool guy. Two thumbs up!
@shalaburroughs Thanks Shala. Tell me what you don't like about us? Or would want from us? :)