SocialRank for Instagram

Filter & sort your followers on IG by location, hashtag, etc

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We are really excited to put this out. There are not very many Instagram audience analytics tools out there but the demand is really high from brands. The way we think about SocialRank is we are sort of the inverse of the primary focus of social networks. Twitter's primary focus is the content (or tweet). Instagram's primary focus is the content (or photo). For both Twitter + Instagram the person behind the content is secondary. For SocialRank the person is the primary and the content is secondary. For SocialRank for Instagram - whether you want to find your biggest follower that tags photo in New York and uses the hashtag #dog or want to find a follower with under 1,000 followers that has the word "mom" in their bio and take photos in Nebraska - you can use SocialRank for that. We are just a technology solution for finding your people. Hit me up with any questions here or via email at
This Instagram tool is amazing! #hugefan
@loni happy to have chloe using it. Let's be honest she is the true celeb of this launch :)
Congrats Alex & team! I think this is my first comment on ProductHunt (lurker/upvoter until now). Excellent for brands, talent, startups (and anyone really) who could benefit from identifying and rewarding select users within their Instagram community. Can't wait for you know what with you know who at you know where! Will be epic. #secrets
@suzywillow thanks so much Suzy! Really means a lot. It is feedback that people like you and others give us that help shape where the product goes so thank you!
Congratulations on the launch. Very few Instagram analytics tools out there so excited to try this out. Instagram and Twitter are my app's two biggest drivers of downloads.
@socialrank @ajt wow..just seeing this now. This is awesome and very useful