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Here to answer any Q's! I'm one of the co-founders. Some big stuff coming in the next few months as we become the "Hootsuite for Followers" (i.e. central location to help brands pull in and manage their followers from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest). Just Twitter now but more soon.
@ajt recently was sitting with some startup people who were discussing funding: "well just find out who your favorite VC's follow and engage with on twitter". I though of Social Rank. While not a complete strategy or a cash rich customer, there must be many people especially biz dev, corporate dev, VC Associates, etc. that want to know who influences a third party. Any thoughts on this as a vertical? Is market rank only for competitors or can you put in any third party?
@EAWharton you can put any third party. lots of ways to use it.
Also, check out the SocialRank blog here:!