A URL shortener to edit Facebook & Twitter link previews

SocialPort helps you to edit link preview for Facebook and Twitter without coding. It’s an URL shortener for social marketing.

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Actually, you have to pay me for using url.
@stevenjames yes, some users may not like to use our domain. We are researching if it's better to use a custom domain to serve visitors. And more importantly, what the greatest concerns of our target users are. Thanks for your comment!
@bennyychan just use some ugly short domain like (avilable), so people stop complaining, or allow them to make subdomains like – which redirects 301 to their main website.
@vladkorobov your suggestion is good. Only need to buy a cheap domain and redirect subdomains to users' website. Not much code is required to change. But for branding purpose, I am not sure if the agency or end customer would like to see an ugly domain on the Facebook page / Twitter. Will it look weird?
@bennyychan if I have and the link leads me to – nobody cares, and I bet nobody sees
Hi Product Hunters! Since 2016, we’ve been helping online store owners to optimize product pages with our Shopify App - SPO. Many owners are struggling with the social meta tags used for link previews on Facebook. “Instead of studying these tags, why not giving them an easy way?” The idea came to our minds when Google announced that the url shortener will be shutting down next year. So we decided to make an url shortener for editing link previews. 😃 It can also help us to broaden our audience to publishers and social media managers in additional to store owners. Features - Customize your link preview when shared on social media - Edit the link preview after the link is shared - Support Facebook Open Graph or Twitter Cards - Store your links in our dashboard - Track link clicks What’ll be coming? We have a ton of features in our product route map. But users opinion will be the most important consideration. Please feel free to let us know what your biggest pain point is! 🙌
Clever idea, @bennyychan. We've definitely run into these awkward social preview moments, often right before we're about to launch something new.
@rrhoover Thanks! It's good for users who can't update the code immediately. The social meta tags make many social media managers headache.
I agree with Ryan, very clever idea! I am currently running into this issue. Hopefully you will find a solution for the urls as it seems to be your biggest issue. @vladkorobov idea of a subdomain could work!
How do you compare to Pixelme? Also after my trial/ subscription what is happening with the links? Where are you directing the traffic?