Social media analytics & benchmarking tool for agencies

Social media analytics & benchmarking tool which serves up a full view of any competitors' digital strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Save time and impress clients with data they haven't seen before.
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    -interface -reports -awesome customer service


    No cons. Just love.

    Don't listen to the negative reviews. This application will help you enhance your social media presence.I had a job interview yesterday for a social media position. During the interview, I showed my interviewer how to use Socialinsider; she loved using the app.

    Johnadeen Albertini has used this product for one year.
  • Mihaela Masdrag
    Mihaela MasdragProduct Manager

    Easy to use. Good analytics for my startup's social media activity. Very responsive and helpful team!


    not that I know of

    I've been using this product for a very long time, almost since they launched for the first time and I can't be more happy with the product and the team.

    Mihaela Masdrag has used this product for one year.
Hello Product Hunt, and thanks @kwdinc for hunting us! If Facebook is your game, then try out Social Insider: It’s a FREE Facebook competitive tool where you could track & benchmark up to 30 FB pages. A highlight of some features at launch: - multi-page comparison - the most active users - boosted posts for each page - engagement reports - shares vs. likes vs. reactions reports - download data as .pdf - historical data for the last 6 months - gender analysis in comments & reactions All of them for FREE. We’re a small team of 3 and it’s early days so we’re very excited to hear your feedback today. Please ask away :)
Great work guys! This looks awesome! I noticed you offer all sorts of data, is it possible to download it as .csv?
@mihaelamasdrag Thanks for your digital love. Right now, you can download the data as .pdf and we're planning to add download as .csv for posts. We'll get back to you with updates.
@adinajipa Sounds good! SocialInsider is exactly what we were looking for our competitor research, can't believe it's free! :D
@mihaelamasdrag track & benchmark up to 30 competitive FB pages. Cheers!
Keep up the good work!
This looks so handy. And wow, 6 months trial is great amount of time to assess it.
@musolek thank you for your love and feedback. Yep, right now we have a 6 months FREE trial, but we, the co-founders, decided to have a freemium product, some features will free forever and others like - export data as .csv, historical data for the last year - will be premium features. We'll come back with updates after this awesome day.
@adinajipa Outstanding! Can't wait to try it out. | Social Insider: Get an inside view of your competitors' Facebook activity via @kwdinc
@musolek @kwdinc great! If you need my help, I'm always here :)
@musolek We're still toying with the idea of keeping it free, all the features and all the data and unlimited pages :-)
This thing is great. Great work team.
@rafyasarmatta thank you for your digital love. my heart is mealting :)