Email reports for Twitter activity of people you care most

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Looks pretty similar to Daily 140 by @zmh
Hello PH! We have developed Socialhunt with @nilgundag for a few reasons. There are a lot of information flowing through our timelines and when we do not check them regularly it is very possible that we miss tweets from people we give great importance to. Also we lose the chance to respond to their tweets immediately. Yet people are just more likely to respond to you when you quickly reply to their tweets. For people who check their e-mails more frequently than their twitter streams (either via Twitter or other apps such as Tweetdeck), Socialhunt will be a simple solution. Socialhunt currently focuses on Twitter and tweets, as far as we know Daily 140 lets you track mentions & favorites, while Samaritans Radar focused on keywords & hashtags before it’s been closed. We also utilized lists functionality before we developed Socialhunt but list function required us to log in to a web app in order to check the tweets and Twitter informs people if they are curated into a list. That’s sometimes annoying if you are using it for competition analysis. It’s a very simple solution with a very simple goal, we didn’t want people to use scripts, RSS feeds or create lists for a simple task. I’m pretty sure that there are or will be other solutions that’s probably capable of same functionalities. We started with Twitter, but we plan to implement other mediums such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.
Why not just create a list of people you care about? I have a "VIP" list which I monitor in Tweetdeck, and I don't even pay attention to my main feed anymore.