Connecting in real life via innovative commitment

- Search for hangouts and dating events OR create them
- Once you agree to meet, chat will be enabled and 1 credit will be held from each party. When you show up, the credit will be returned
- You only lose the credit if you do not show up or if you cancel
Love the concept. I am married so I got stuck in the sign up process. I am not a man looking for a women or a man looking for a man. I am looking for interesting people to do things with. I love the concept and am thinking about ways to make this work at my company. Pay to accept a meeting and get reimbursed when you show up. How about with emails. I pay to get on an email list or report and get paid when I open it. Very interested to see where this one goes.
@justinfinkel Thanks for your comment. I hear you on the first idea - you're looking for interesting people to do things with. We actually make this to be a hanging out platform, the "man interested in women/men" question is for screening inside the app (in case you like to hang out or get to know someone with the intention to date). Friends first then see how it goes. I think i will put a note on the signup page saying "only for date filter, you will be able to hangout with anyone". Our plan does have getting into business meeting too although the report/email list you brought up is very interesting... Wrote it on my board to think about it some more
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