Find the most shared content on the Internet.

Thank you @kwdinc for sharing SocialCount! This is only a beginning and several performance optimizations will be made to the crawler (live results) and more social networks will be added. I'm excited to continue improving the product every day and I'm happy to answer any questions you guys may have! Cheers!
How do you get the twitter share counts? As far as I can tell they don't allow pulling this data from the API for uses other than the twitter share button:
Incredible tool. Very simple too. We used to manually aggregate that data, now it's all there. Easy as 1, 2, 3. Thanks for that great app Jean-Luc.
is there an API for this or a similar service with an API? Id like it to do an entire site, not just a url. Thx.
@JasonLBaptiste That's what it is.. we will crawl the entire website and we'll display social stats for each url.
@jbrisebois Great tool, as mentioned by @JasonLBaptiste an API would make this a really great service for developers who can maybe integrate it into something like a social analytics service
@acondurache Thanks for the feedback! It's definitely in our backlog. We launched a week ago with something small but will definitely get better and better. The API is a must have for integration with other apps.
@jbrisebois yep, i know. just wanted to make sure any API suggested to do this is for the entire site :)