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From easy scheduling and post planning to content discovery and automatically adding hashtags and emojis to your posts, Squirrly Social provides a shortcut to social media greatness.
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Checking out the product, but how do you compare yourself to known softwares like Hootsuite or Zoomsphere?
Hi @jakub_sedivy , Thanks for the Upvote. Now, to answer your question. Without getting into the whole price difference, one of the main things Social Squirrly has going for it is the Social Media Assistant feature. You basically just add a keyword, and the tool will surface interesting, curated, content from trusted sources that you can instantly schedule to share with your audience. Another cool feature is the Auto-Emoji, which adds emojies to your posts. Oh, and the Auto-Hashtag is pretty neat, too. You can check out our features page if you’re interested. Hope this helps.
Hey everyone, 👋 Thank you for checking us out on Product Hunt! Excited to be here today, making the introductions and sharing some of the highlights from Squirrly Social. I first became interested in developing a social media automation tool when I realized there was no tool that would allow me to find and schedule interesting content for my brand - not in the amount of time I could afford to spend on this task. Which was about three minutes every week or so. ⏳ Curating content, creating new posts, manually researching the best hashtags and emoji - all that stuff you need to maintain an active social media presence was eating up too much of my day. I was reaching a point where I was unable to invest that kind of time on social media anymore. Yet I knew that, from a business standpoint, neglecting social media was not an option either. 😬 Today, I can look back and smile. 😁 That struggle, as frustrating as it was, pushed me to find a solution to these problems that I know many digital marketers face. The best solution (thanks to our testers and early customers who provided valuable feedback). Now, I even have time to watch a funny cat video every once in a while, but let’s keep this between us, ok? 🎁 EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT HUNT OPPORTUNITY In addition to saving time while successfully managing your social media profiles, you can also save money with Squirrly Social. This is a special offer we’re prepared exclusively for the PH community. Go to to enter our challenge. This is a one-time chance to get Squirrly Social One Team absolutely FREE for one month. Or even a whole year! What makes Squirrly Social a must-have social media automation tool? ⚡️ Content Curation. The Social Media Assistant helps uncover fresh, relevant and interesting curated posts worth sharing with your audience. You’ll be able to schedule posts for two weeks, in just 3 minutes (tried and tested). ⚡️ Post Planer. Create, edit, schedule and publish all your social media posts with ease so that there’s always something going on across your profiles. ⚡️ See all future posts in a visual calendar. ⚡️ Automatically adds the Best Hashtags to posts for maximum exposure on social media. ⚡️ Automatically Add relevant emojis to Posts with one click. ⚡️ Create a post and instantly share it on all your profiles. Or schedule it for later and see it in your Calendar. ⚡️ Automated social media scheduling. Schedule your Posts based on categories, and keep certain posts in rotation at selected times. ⚡️ Blog to social media. Publish every new blog post to your favorite social profiles. ⚡️ Team collaboration features that work with your workflow. ⚡️ Separate Workspaces for Different Clients, Blogs, Brands, or Teams that you Manage (easy management). ⚡️ Brand customizations. ⚡️ Manage multiple brands from a single dashboard. ⚡️ Plus, link shortening (make it short and beautiful). Team Squirrly is here today in case you want to ask us anything about Squirrly SOCIAL. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and comments with us. We’d really appreciate them. And if you have any frustrations or challenges from your experience with social media that you’d like to share; we’d love to be a part of that conversation, too. This is a big day for us! Thanks a bunch for being a part of it! 👍 Find more information on how to get started with Squirrly Social here:
@florin_muresan - can you help clear up my confusion? This is probably just me not fully understanding, but I'm seeing "schedule one year of social media posts" here and on the site, then "You’ll be able to schedule posts for two weeks" in your previous comment and on the pricing page, then someone else saying they scheduled a month of posts.... So what's possible here? Would I be able to go in and schedule a full year? A month's worth? Or just the upcoming two weeks?
@mattholsinger There are no restrictions on how many posts you can schedule. You can do your scheduling every day, every week, once a month, and so on - that's up to you. You can schedule curated content that you’ve discovered using the Social Media Assistant or original posts you’ve created. You can create Categories, and have the same post go on your social media profiles multiple times. It all depends on your strategy, really. The point is, Squirrly Social will help you do all these things much, much faster.
@florin_muresan OK, I understand I can create however many posts I want. But what I'm attempting to clarify: Through Squirrly, I can schedule those posts to go out for the next two weeks (max). Then I'd have to return to the site and queue up another two weeks' worth of posts, is that correct?
@mattholsinger awesome! I get it now. No. You can schedule messages to go out even in October 2022 if you want. And you'll be able to see them in the Calendar view so that you have full control. I present some screenshots on Twitter, because I can't seem to upload things in this comment: You can see the screenshots and some extra explanations. Awesome question, Matt. We didn't think of answering and providing help for this before. You can use the Calendar feature as it offers more control, like i did in the screenshots. Otherwise, you can just click the Create Post green button and select to schedule for a future data. Just click on the date and use that view to go to any time in the future you want.
@mattholsinger Yes, and also as you can see in our calendar we have some of our messages already going out during that period, through some of the Evergreen scheduling. It can be 100% set it and forget it if you want. But you can also plan entire social media campaigns that have been studied and planned by your team at make them very good.
@florin_muresan Gotcha, I understand now. I appreciate you clearing that up for me.
@florin_muresan faster than Buffer? :) If so, would you like to have an interview about Social Squirrly at StartupRadius? Ping me at for more details if interested!
Flash is great! Love it!