Social Speaker V2

A hands-free & audible Twitter radio client.

Tired of the endless scrolling? Listen to Tweets instead! Social Speaker is the best way to stay updated on all things Twitter while you do whatever else you want to do.

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Feature request: I'd like Morgan Freeman to read my Twitter feed. Maybe you can partner with Lylebird to make this happen. πŸ˜‰ cc @jsotelo @adbrebs
@jsotelo @adbrebs @rrhoover Celebrity voices have always been at the top of my wish list! If there's a way to make it happen, I'll find it. For now I'm using the iOS speech voices, which have the benefit of keeping the app small and fast. The best two, IMO, are Siri Female (Enhanced) and Siri Male (Enhanced). The app lets you choose a "first" and "second" voice, speaking Tweets at a 65/35% split. This adds some variety and makes it more like a news broadcast.
Hi Product Hunters! After many late nights and weekends (you other indie-dad/mom-devs-with-day-jobs know what I'm talking about), the v2 update to Social Speaker is finally here! The first version was a neat idea, using Siri to read Tweets to you, but I quickly learned that doing anything outside-of-the-box with SiriKit was very difficult to support. So V2 got rid of that and now speaks Tweets in the app. You just sign in with your Twitter account, choose your source (Timeline, Lists, Saved Searches or Mentions), and let the app take it from there. It will retrieve, speak and display the latest Tweets at regular intervals. Just sit back and watch them roll in (which I frequently find myself doing), or you can do something else. For example: today during the solar eclipse, I put an AirPod in one ear, gave my wife the other, and we listened to Twitter commentary while staring up at the sky. More ways to use Social Speaker to listen to Tweets while you: - Exercise. AirPods are ideal for this (double-tap to pause works well too!). - Do household chores: dishes, laundry, vacuum, you name it. - Commute: it's fantastic in the car (super-responsive over cellular data), but please keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel! Try it out! The app is free to download (you'll hear spoken ads every 10 or so Tweets). Please let me know what you think, especially if you have any feature suggestions. And if you'd like to Tweet about the app (which would be very much appreciated!), don't forget to tag @Social__Speaker. Thanks! Happy listening! Will Dinkel
One topic I'll go ahead and start discussion on is additional language support (it's English only for now). It'll take some extra time to make sure Tweets are spoken correctly in each language. Which ones would you like to see supported?
The first update is out (v2.1.0)! It detects what language a Tweet is written in and includes full speaking support for Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and German.
Heads up that v2.2.0 is out, featuring previous/next skipping, audio mixing, a sharing/referral reward system, and support for Tweets written in Italian and French. Happy listening!