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Check social media link previews while you browse

With this browser plugin, you can check how the link previews of a website look like on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Just activate the plugin to see the preview snippets of every page you browse.
Available for Chrome & Firefox.
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Heya Product Hunters! We made this little browser extension for ourselves while creating a while ago. We generate our share images for and other sites automatically and wanted to have a quick way to check how our pages look when shared on social media! The plugin has been available for Chrome first. We now have 400+ users and they seem to like it, so we thought we’d make a Firefox version as well and start telling people about it 😉 It’s free ✨ and shows you link previews for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These are the most important for us, but please tell us if you miss a platform you’d like to check! I hope you’ll like it – if you do please leave a rating in the browser stores 💜 Cheers, Armin
Nice idea! I was actually checking the previews for the pages of Women Make a few days ago, that would have been useful! Just installed it for next time 👌
@marie_dm_ Thanks Marie! I hope it can save you some time in the future 😊
Thanks for this tool @arminulrich & @_feloidea. Do you think it will be possible to add a download button or a way to bookmark previews? I collect a lot of open graph previews (especially on Twitter) and your extension will save me a bit of work.
@arminulrich @yesnoornext Glad you like it, Vincent! Nice idea - we didn't think of saving yet. Do you collect the previews for inspiration? We'll see what we can do 💪
@arminulrich @_feloidea Yes, for inspiration, I'm a big fan of media illustrations and according to me the open graph previews help to be selective and improve the content. Maybe it could be a premium feature, let me know if you'll do it.
Really useful tool for businesses and individuals using third party web links as reference.
@shamit_khemka1 Thanks for your feedback, glad you like it!
Great job!!😊 Will see you