Social Revealer

Check your Facebook digital footprint (beyond timeline)

Hi Product Hunters, so I've launched Social Revealer - a Google Chrome extension to check your or anyone else's digital footprint on Facebook. It's sort of "wake up" app when you realize how much you've told about yourself during the last few years on Facebook. 🚀 You can look up anyone's: photos posted, photos liked, photos tagged in, photos commented, video posted, videos liked, videos tagged in, videos commented, events attended, events invited to, events upcoming, places visited, places checked-in, friends, followers, groups, employers, employers past, apps used, pages liked, books, interests, music, movies, tv shows, notes, reviews written 🚀 Use cases ⭐️ Take control of your profile privacy. ⭐️ Show your share-everything friends what digital footprint they leave behind... ⭐️ Prove to an even total stranger privacy settings may be leaky. 🚀 Takeaway ⭐️ It's wise to think twice before sharing, liking or commenting anything. ⭐️ Check and control your social media privacy. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in comments. I would love your feedback!