Social Prova

Get your users to engage more with your website.

Social Prova is a robust notification service that can be used across multiple platforms. With built-in webhooks you can leverage Zapier to make the most out of all of the notification features. Simple and effective. Free accounts are available!
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Haven't tried it yet but I'm tempted I like that your free plan doesn't have ads!
@footer thanks!
Rich Peterson
System & Process Consultant πŸš€
@footer @bnjmnsrmn It is a generous free plan. Have added it to my free software plan list today -
Is this anything new? Nope. However, I put this together at the request of some clients who wanted a cheaper version of services already out there and with the ability to "do more." Voila! I'd love your feedback as I think it will be a fun side-project to continuously develop.
Lachlan Kirkwood
Helping Makers Look Better πŸ‘•
Love the Zapier integration. Looking forward to trialling the product πŸ‘
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