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Mega-guide on the tools and tactics on how to win

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At 18,000 words and over 120 pages, this guide is meant for CMOs, social media managers, and anyone that has to manage social media for their business - large or small. I surveyed over 1,100 social media managers, analyzed over 250,000 tweets from 1,600 top brands, and detailed/scored 28 of the most popular tools. You'll also find out about the future of SMM tools from those that are making that future happen. To celebrate the launch on Product Hunt, we've discounted the report until 8th May 2015. And I'll be here throughout the day to answer questions...
@therealsjr just started reading through your paper now but had some preliminary questions: 1) Where can I see the list of 1,600 brands? I can't find even the 50k on Majestic SEO. 2) Where is AT&T, Life Time Fitness, Staples, McDonalds, and many others that are also sending huge amounts of tweets per day. In my research AT&T even dwarfs Comcast and American Airlines most days. 3) Which 9 days did you track? (I'd love to look at my dataset to compare notes) I've been tracking roughly 2,500 brands over hundreds of millions of tweets for the past two years (including sending on behalf of many of the top brands) for KickFactory, so I'm very interested. I'll be back after I finish your paper!
@ryanmac Thanks Ryan! The Majestic 50k is publicly available data, but it is less concerned with follower numbers than it is backlinks, referring IPs etc., which I thought was an interesting and more relevant take on which brands to target. I also only had a finite amount of Gnip credits to use, so I had to reduce the set to 1,600 total and nine days of activity. Your research sounds great. Would love to compare notes with you and answer more of your questions. I'll follow you on Twitter so we can DM contact details.
@therealsjr thanks. just found the Majestic SEO list from 2012. I assume this is the one?
@ryanmac That was the 'genesis'. but we did a lot of work on it to ensure it was current.
Looks great Stewart well done. Would love to speak to you about this soon
@mqtodd Many thanks Michael - would be great to talk through the findings with you...
Love this report. Great work, Stewart.
@eliasisrael Thanks so much - really appreciate that a lot
Kudos on what must have been a tremendous amount of research, Stewart.
@osakasaul Thanks so much Saul. Yes - some days I stepped away from the computer and saw words and numbers floating in front of my eyes. Rewarding work though - really enjoyed putting it together.
Awesome...this is a great guide for anyone looking for more management in their life!