Social Media Cup 2018

Track which football teams & players are winning on social.

Social Media Cup 2018 is a landing page that tracks the top national teams and players in real time by number of social media mentions. It also includes average daily mentions and live sentiment analysis of those mentions. Additionally, you can follow the top hashtags and keywords for the most popular players and teams on match day.

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Hey Product Hunters, The biggest football event is about to begin - but the real competition has already kicked off on social media. And we’re asking ourselves the question: Can social media predict the winner? Using our social media monitoring capabilities, we’re tracking all of the social stats on the players, the teams and the individual matches throughout the competition. So if you want to know whether Messi or Ronaldo is generating more social chatter, we’ve got you covered. Through our social listening feature, we’re able to show you: -The top 10 teams by number of social media mentions -The sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) around each of the top 10 teams -The top 20 players by number of social media mentions -The sentiment around each of the top 20 players -The top hashtags and keywords about each match -The top hashtags and keywords about the two most popular players Now get in the game by checking out how your favorite team is trending on social media! Plus, our team is happy to answer any questions you have about the project, Falcon, or social listening in general.
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