We made a fun site that calculates how many Big Mac burgers you can buy from one piece of content from your social media accounts (Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Twitch, and Steemit).
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Hi everyone! We made a simple website that shows how much any social media accounts are worth compared to Big Mac burgers. We use the price of a Big Mac to compare across all different types of social media data so that we can have one unified comparing metric. Check out the Big Mac indexes of some celebrities 😎 - Donald Trump can buy 11,013 Big Macs from one Twitter post 😲 https://review.hunt.town/bigmac/... - Cristiano Ronaldo can buy 280,727 Big Macs from one Instagram post 😲😲😲 https://review.hunt.town/bigmac/... We'd love to hear any thoughts about this.
Fun and cool
@annapoorneswary Thanks so much 🍔🍔
Maybe it's just me, but how do you "value" post? Do you sum the "like" value in dollars? The burgers animations in the background is awsome lol
@tyler_nass We analyze number of followers, average views, likes and comments, etc to calculate an engagement rate. General equation is like: “expected reach * weighted price per reach for the channel” We initially set the weights by researching actual ad price and those weights are continuously optimized by evaluation data (feedbacks) from our clients.
@sebastiank That's what I thought, but I wanted to be sure!
Cool tool @andrew_cho - I'm only worth 2 burgers, at least I won't get fat I guess!
@jakeisvisiting Actually most average people won't have any a single burger, so you're amazing!
@andrew_cho You'll make me blush
nice marketing