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Get a free social media competitive report by industry. Understand where you stand versus your competitors on social media.

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Is it helpful for all social media optimisation and SMM as well?
@debarati_ghosh Hei! These social media benchmarks were designed for social media managers who are trying to optimize their campaigns and see how they rank against top competitors.

Have only had the opportunity to experiment with the free tier, but can see the value in using this as a way to draw inspiration when preparing social content.

Would be great to filter brands by thresholds e.g. follower counts - allowing you to compare engagement with more localised competitors.


Great tool for top-level insights


None yet 👍

Heeei! Thanks for the input, @lachlankirkwood 👊
Looks good can't wait to see it progress into something more. Really love the content performance metrics. By the way make sure your logo (social insider) for your site sends the viewer back to the home page and not to a 404 page.
@jessehojjensen Thanks! We'll fix it ✋
I think you'll agree with me when I say: creating social media benchmarks for your clients or businesses can be overwhelming. 😫 It requires a lot of manual work, to understand the dynamics of the social networks, to include the competitive landscape, and to identify what's working and what has been failing your campaigns. That’s why we, @ Socialinsider, created this free tool: Social Media Benchmarks where you’ll find the engagement rate for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in 2019 for these business verticals: - sports - automotive - fashion - beauty - food & beverages - travel - education - news & news. This free tool helps you: • improve your content strategy that resonates with your target audience. • uncover your competitors' strategy on social media networks. • get better at budget planning. • stay up to date with the latest industry trends. Let us know if it’s useful for you and any feedback you have! ✋