Social Media Management Tool for Everyone

Social media marketing has become an important part of global marketing strategy. We have built this tool to empower marketers who want to excel in social media marketing.
Using this tool marketers can build their social community without limitations.
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I hope Mithun will come up with more promising features for the product.


Clean interface, User friendly, seems to have great potential. Its free with value adding features


Till now, I didn't find one.

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@nitin_khutemate Thank you for the appreciation. Wont disappoint.
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Excited to announce the problem we solved for social media marketers Social Khalifa is a simple social media management tool that allows marketers to grow social media presence without limitations. The best easy to use interface a social media tool will ever have. - Free tool - No posting limitations - No account adding limitations - No scheduling limitations - Easy dashboard Upcoming features - Link shortening - Content lab (Browse trending content and directly share to social accounts) - Media library Note : We are working to integrate all channels and new features. Stay tuned. Flash your feedback for us to improve in future.
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