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Be a brand ambassador and earn income from your influence

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Hello Product Hunt community! I’d like to introduce, Social Friendzy! Shop and Save, Share and Earn! Thank you @kikischirr for hunting us! This is an Amazing opportunity! USE PHUNT FOR THE PROMO CODE AND GET $5.00 JUST FOR SIGNING UP! Social Friendzy is a free cash back shopping site that shares over 80% of our revenue with our members. Ok, nothing new here I know…but here is where we give this an awesome twist! We created a free Brand Ambassador program that allows our members to earn passive income when they share Social Friendzy to their friends and social media followers! Its actually pretty simple. When you promote us, you build a rewards network. And as your network expands you can earn exponentially. We even have a cool map that allows you to track the general location of your network as it expands! Ok, so to be transparent (and we know you Product Hunt people aren’t idiots), we take the affiliate commission we earn and give it to you. Over 80% of it, maybe more if all goes well! Rather than paying a crap tons of money on marketing and advertising, we would much rather pay it forward to you! You spread the word, we spread the wealth! So to speak. And just to make sure you saw it the first time- PHUNT for the promo code and get $5.00 just for signing up! I mean, its free money. Who doesn’t like free money!
What makes this stand out from others in this space? What I'd be interested in signing up for is a startup-focused influencer platform. Unless people know one out there at the moment?
@bentossell Yes, we have been looking into bringing in platforms like Shopify so small ecommerce stores can be included. We have a few that are interested, so its in the plans!
@bentossell Mashup between Product Hunt, Hacker News, and Appsumo...ok, I'll work on that.
Are you going after the Instagram influencer market? I see a lot of great accounts with the occasional peppering of an advert. Seems like a good fit for your platform.
@nassaraf Yes, we are talking with a few influencers on Instagram and Facebook. We are also concentrating on bloggers that focus on saving and earning extra income from home. We hope to be some guest blogs coming up in the next few weeks.
Social Friendzy is a great way for those with social influence to cash in on their own terms. Your recommendation links become a source of passive income, without dealing with clients or brands.
So this is another take on the affiliate site. When someone makes a purchase, you get a bit of cash back from the merchant and share it with the customer. Your site would stand out from the others if the UI were a bit nicer.
@abasa Yes, the difference is in that we share the commission with you when other people make a purchase also. We struggled with our UI a bit to keep it simple. It's a start, but I'm sure we will improve it over time.