Social Doe

Pinterest for creatives

Hi guys, just stumbled upon Social Doe and thought I'd share it with you today. I'm a big user of Pinterest but the things are: I never "pin" things, I only like them and I'm only interested by designs stuff (and sometimes food porn). Social Doe seems to be exactly what I'm looking for in Pinterest so I'll give it a try. What do you think about it?
@syswarren at first I wasn't sure how it was different than Behance or Dribbble but after a quick browse, it appears they highlight many different crafts, from illustrations to architecture to gadgets. I'm not sure the broad focus is the right decision early on, though. Personally community/UGC sites like this will find a stronger audience by targeting a passionate niche. But of course, there's no one right way to startup. :)
@syswarren thank you for your feedback. We also would like to appreciate all of the votes, it's inspiring us to become even better. From the very beginning our team didn't want the "reblog functions". We wanted creators to remain unique, that other users could admire theirs work only in one place, we think it makes a closer bond between spectator and the designer. I am also a big fan of Pinterest, but the problem is, that it is a huge base of copies. No matter how hard I would try it is very difficult to contact with the real author of "repinned" image.
@syswarren Thank you so much for mentioning about us. :-) @rrhoover I design at Socialdoe. From the very beggining of this project I always opted to upload design only, as you said. But the whole project was meant to be something else (that's why you saw many different images like gadgedts and so), but after couple of months there was a pivot in project, and our team decided to upload only valuable desing content. So from now on we are trying to convince great graphic designers to join us. We have a lot of ideas that will come very soon. Thanks for dropping a line.