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#3 Product of the DayDecember 20, 2015

Social integration of any project is must and so social icons, colors and links. We've created color palette all the pouplar social networks so you don't need to visit each of them.

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Irfaq Syed ⚡️
Irfaq Syed ⚡️@irazasyed · Founder & CEO, Lukonet
Great stuff, Added to my Dev Tools collection - :)
Bohdan Vorona
Bohdan Vorona@bohdanvorona · Enthusiastic web developer 💻
It will be more helpful if provides not only the main color of the sites.
David Iwanow
David Iwanow@davidiwanow · Global Search & Traffic Manager @ Danone
@bohdanvorona agreed I think you should be able to drill into each platform and find out secondary colours they use
Hemratna Bhimani
Hemratna BhimaniMaker@hem_im
@davidiwanow @bohdanvorona Thanks for your suggestion. We are working on that. :)
Kevin Granger
Kevin GrangerHiring@kevin_granger · Data Driven Devsigner
Dear makers, I've found a typo! :) This pinky social network for designer is called Dribbble! with b x3 :)
Hemratna Bhimani
Hemratna BhimaniMaker@hem_im
@kevin_granger I made Changes. Thanks for pointing out. :)
LF@lfsalazar · Developer / Designer
This is sooo useful
Vivek Sancheti
Vivek Sancheti@evivz · Co-Founder CryptoGround.Com
Looks Cool!