Social Champ

A social media scheduling platform for all your needs

Social Champ is the best way to automate your all social media efforts, day-to-day posting, A/B testing and optimization.

  • Pros: 

    Social champ maintains twitter account with repeat posting with noburden accurately.


    The only Con I find here is 2 step process for Instagram, need approval on app before getting posted.

    Repeating post helps a lot in maintaining of twitter maintenance is the best, It also has "recycle content" feature gives perfect Facebook campaigning also tracks analytics.

    Sharmeen Arshad has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    "Team Feature" helps me a lot to be in team collaboration with my mates and stress free interaction with time on many social media projects


    It needs two step verification on Instagram and it is the only irritating thing sometimes

    Team features from Social Champ helps to maintain all business social media profiles, with my team. it saves my time from getting individual follow up from each mate.

    Allison George has used this product for one year.
Yay! We are super excited to be on Product Hunt! Why another new social media scheduling platform? We developed this product by an accident, which at first was for our internal use. I wanted a tool for marketing my previous product on social media and started this project with my co-founder on weekends. Once it was ready, I shared it with Guy Kawasaki and he loved it, shared feedback to improve and started using it for all his social media activities. Later, I figured that there are SO MANY social media schedulers with small differences that confuse marketers to which product they should choose. That's when we decided to bring the most requested features on ONE platform. We are not there yet but still better than many out there. ;) ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Social Champ is the best way to automate your all social media efforts, day-to-day posting, A/B testing and optimization. Social Champ brings all the automation you need to schedule your social media content. It got the best features from all available scheduling tools in one place so you don’t have to be confused amongst many options available. POWERFUL FEATURES apart from scheduling are: 1) Bulk Upload feature from a CSV file. Imagine scheduling months of content, with a single click. 2) Auto post content via RSS feed: Auto-sharing of content by watching a Blog Post and appending custom text too, for example watching Social Champ's blog and sharing at-max 1 article/day on my twitter appending a text 'via @SocialChampSays' 3) Repeat on Twitter & Facebook: Asking users the 'x' number of times and the time gap between repeats, on twitter, we give two creative options, either they can delete their previously posted tweet or, chose the option of auto-retweeting this previous tweets. We show grouped analytics that separates the clicks of each repeat too. ON Facebook we repeat and give the option of 'hiding the previous post from timeline' so the account doesn't look spammy. Note: We have internal rules to ban users who use this feature to spam 4) Repost, from Bulk Upload, this will allow users to post the same post again, 'Weekly', 'Monthly' or 'Yearly'. You can also make 'Yearly' posts 'Forever', for example wishing birthdays, Christmas posts, etc. 5) Recycle Content: Create a folder adding all your content into it and fix a day for those kind of posts to be posted. We will keep your social media queue filled from those posts. Example: Imagine you want to post ‘Quotes’ on Monday, and post your blogs on Wednesday, you can create two folders, one for Quotes and other for Blog Links, having 100+ content into it. Next all you have to do is selecting timing and date for those folders to be posted, and we will choose content from that folder to post. Apart from these, we have other less powerful features too, 1. Click Once – Share to Many – Share content in one click across multiple social networks 2. Content Suggestion – Find good quality and productive stories to share 3. Image Editor – Use the power of Adobe to edit your images applying filters to stickers 4. Draggable Calendar – Drag posts in calendar view and quickly schedule or edit 5. Queue Custom Timings – Setup a custom queue and keep filling those timings 6. Link Shortening & Tracking – Links get auto shortened and tracked using UTM codes 7. Groups – Group your favorite or similar social networks and select them all in one go 8. Analytics – Track clicks, likes, retweets, favorites and export them in CSV file too 9. Chrome Extension, iOS & Android App – Picks the content right from the website and schedule 10. Team Collaboration – invite your team members and share your social profiles without sharing your password. UPTO 50% LIFETIME DISCOUNT OFFER WITH <3 for PRODUCT HUNT USERS: (valid for a week) We are offering up to 50% lifetime discount on any of our packages. It doesn’t stop here. If you like our ‘Professional’ package it can be yours in just $49 - forever! One more thing, (Steve Job style) We are also giving one FREE 'Professional' package and one 'Champion' package valid for lifetime to users who share the most on social media about this offer. MORE DETAILS ARE ON: We'd really love to have your feedback, request for features and general idea on how we can improve further. :) Thanks, Sameer
@socialchampsays @sameerpeace Let me know if you are looking for tools which can help you build list of companies who are looking for such services.
Great job!! How’s different from others social media scheduling services , if you got it approved and liked by a genuis in his field is then something to look forward to.
@ayush_chandra Yes Ayush, we have ahead in features plus have an interface that is super easy to understand and use.
Awesome. We have used it for some client projects in previous life and loved it!
@obaid Not sure if we existed in previous life but thank you for loving us in this life ^_^
Nice product, I love how several influencers like Guy Kawasaki are recommending this product.
@usamanoman Wohoo! Thanks ^_^
Looks great. I'm used to Later but will have a go :)
@thiagoafram Sure! Try us out and let me know your feedback! ^_^
@sameerpeace When I try to add my Linkedin Page, it loads for minutes and it breaks. Only happening to Facebook Page though
@sameerpeace I meant only happening to Linkedin Page
@thiagoafram Hey Thiago, yikes, can you try again and see if it's happening? If it keeps happening kindly email us at a screenshot of what you see? Thanks again!