GroupMe meets Snapchat via cell network, Wifi, or Bluetooth



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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
Lots of these kinds of apps seem to have a lot of crossover... I'm not sure I need another way to contact my friends. Happy to be proven wrong! Has anyone got feedback on using Sochat? and if so, why should I leave my day-to-day apps :)
Lukens Orthwein
Lukens Orthwein@lukensok · Co-founder & CEO, Sochat
@bentossell Hey Ben, Sochat is a rename of Product Hunt posted app Lynk ( I'm the founder and CEO, happy to answer any questions. The main value of Sochat is great messaging + the ability to add anybody you meet in person thanks to behind-the-scenes bluetooth profile exchange (among other methods of finding people). Mobile messaging is the future of communication and you should be able to text anybody (with proper privacy and blocking controls, of course), not just the select list of people you manage to give your phone number to.
Steven Sinofsky
Steven Sinofsky@stevesi · a16z
@bentossell We should all be cautious about "don't need another way to X" since very few things are entirely new but rather represent new combinations of existing concepts/ideas that make for a new way of doing something. If we didn't need a new way to connect with friends we'd all still be using BITNET chat and USENET 😄 People love to talk, write messages, share images/videos, shop,work on stuff. That pretty much defines computing's capabilities. Yet we have millions of apps and sites.