Pro-level soccer analytics for your Apple Watch ⚽️⌚

SoccerTrackr is like Strava, RunKeeper or Nike+ but for Soccer players. SoccerTrackr turns every iPhone into a sophisticated soccer tracking computer. Start SoccerTrackr before a game and track your favorite performance stats, and afterwards, dive deep into your data.

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This app will be so helpful in organizing tournaments. Nice work!!
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@ayusheeagarwal03 thank you!! 🙏
Such an amazing idea. Interest in football increases and try to play more. It feels really good to track your stats after that.
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@gaurav_khattar agreed! ⚽️
Being a football enthusiast, i find this app very intriguing! I like how they have presented everything important in the details. Good job @garysabo Can't wait to check it out!!? Hoping it would fulfill my expectations.
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@yashyadav101 thank you!! looking forward to hearing what you think! 🙏
App looks ver interesting. Look forward to trying it out when it launches. Can you explain what the subscription does? Can you use the app without it? What do you get additionally when you subscribe? Thx
@tariktech The watch app is free to use and see your metrics during your game/workout then a summary when you end. The subscription unlocks the iPhone app which a deeper dive into metrics as well as the history/insight section.