Soccer news of teams you support, on your WhatsApp groups

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What a great way of doing this, with WhatsApp groups. I just wish they had more teams from more countries.
@cenk Just shoot me out for me teams! :D
@joaomdmoura @cenk Great idea! Would reach more people if it had native language support for the countries supported.
@joaomdmoura I’d love it if Fenerbahçe could be added! :)
@ykguler @cenk indeed, what I'm trying to do is to get some regional teams in their native languages.
@joaomdmoura @cenk don't forget Galatasaray :) how are you trying to do that? Partnerships?
interesting. going to test it. i think this will work wonders if users can select/msg what they'd like msgs about; whatsapp groups get flooded with msgs very easily nowadays
@mrandydavis Indeed, I'm still doing some experiments about the frequency I should send the messages :)
Difficult name to get to success in countries where this sport is most successful :)
Definitely checking this out! Very interesting concept...
Has anyone gotten this to work yet? Struggling to on mine. @joaomdmoura what tech are you using to build this? Really interested about the integrations being used!
@haichenw It's supposed to avoid send new during some hours, while ppl sleep, that might be the reason, but you should have received news already. The tech I used it Ruby + Rails + Sidekiq + Python, also Postgres + Redis, hosted on Heroku + Digital Ocean and scrapping from soccer news
@joaomdmoura awesome.. Are you using yowsup to integrate? What's the plan for new features?
@haichenw Yup. We plan to have live game informations by the weekend, also statistics like % of ppl sating each team will win.