Soccer Drills App

App that shows you how to be a youth soccer coach

Soccer Drills App has 10 pre-planned 1-hour soccer practice sessions (ages U4-U12) that you as a coach can easily follow to make sure kids develop a love for the game, learn new skills and have fun doing it. Includes: setup, coaching points, drill schematics and video demonstration where needed.

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I LOVE this. While my kid is only almost 2, I can totally see myself being a soccer coach. Glad that other dads are starting to share their knowledge so that I can get up to speed quickly with drills.
Thanks for hunting this @thorpus. The premise is really simple. My brother and I grew up playing soccer in Europe and the US and have a lot of experience playing and coaching youth soccer teams. We are constantly being asked to coach another team or for advice by parent and volunteer assistant coaches who have unexpectedly received their promotion to head coach :) Soccer fields in the US are littered with parents and volunteers trying to do their best, but they don't have the experience or know-how to make the most of it. That's where we come in. Just follow along our pre-planned and battle tested full practice sessions and your kids will at least be learning something and progressing in their development as well as having fun and learning to love the game! Would love to hear what the PH community thinks!
@tariktech @thorpus Love seeing other youth sports related applications on PH. Great job!
@ryanmtaylor @thorpus Thanks Ryan - I really like your concept too.
@tariktech so I'm going through the USSF coaching certifications - do you map to those? To UEFA?
@sachinag - Hi Sachin. We do not exactly match the USSF certifications, mostly because our main audience consists of parent coaches who are likely not going to go through such certifications and licenses. The drills are based on lessons learned being parent coaches ourselves, keeping what worked and shedding what didn't. We do however follow a progression for age appropriate drills, building on lessons taught from week to week and age group to age group. We are in the process of developing a map of objectives our drills seek to achieve each week, and we would love to hear your feedback on those when that becomes available.
I'm coaching my oldest daughter's U4 team and this is really cool. Glad there isn't some ridiculous wall to entry as well. Good find @thorpus!
@michaelaleo @thorpus - No wall - this is my brother's and my way of helping our friends coach their kid's teams. We just thought it would be useful for a much wider audience :)
Having played soccer forever, all of these drills bring back memories. But having great work flows for my three kids to use is really nice. Also like how the information and drills are presented.
@shanegreen - Thanks Shane! There are many sites out there that have massive libraries of drills, but then you have to sift through them and put them together into practice sessions that make sense and that usually requires a lot more time than it seems like. We've done that work for you here and the sessions build up over time and are part of a larger plan that is not quite visible yet :)
You might want to consider naming it Football Drills if you want to expand overseas ⚽️😬
@hfauq - Thanks for the suggestion. We do want to expand it eventually, but chose soccer specifically targeting US needs to start.