The coolest coffee table ever made.

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This is revolutionary for tiny home people, remote, and the world of self powered objects. Architecture and Industrial Design is indeed changing and this may be one of the first objects to recognize it. Will purchase for my back-of'the-truck home ;)
Refrigerated drawer, Bluetooth speakers, USB charging port, 3 prong outlet and LED lights, plus it just looks bad ass. My first thought was how much is shipping on this? It mentions they cap it at $89 which sounds more than reasonable. Next is that this thing clearly needs to be plugged into a wall somewhere. I'm not seeing a cord running anywhere in these shots, but that's definitely something that needs to be considered when placing this in the middle of your living room. It probbaly won't be the most ideal thing to have running across the floor under your couch and into the wall, but what else are you gonna do?
@kristofertm I have a custom built coffee table that I run power to so I can hide/charge/use all my devices right on top of the table, or inside of it. Really the only way you can pull this off and not deal with the cable is to basically have an area rug and cut a hole in it. I use a flat extension cord, and there's no discernable bump/humps from the cable underneath the rug. I've thought about the problem a lot actually, and really can't solve it any other way. Having a visible cable run to the table (even a very short length, let's say, from underneath the couch to the table) really hits my quasi-OCD nerve right on the spot. I love the idea of this thing, but I find the design really off putting. It doesn't actually look like a piece of furniture. It looks like what you'd expect a big block to house a mini fridge, bluetooth speaker, and power would look like. I'd find it a lot more appealing if it was encase in actual wood. Walnut, white oak, maybe even unstained to save cost and let the customer finish it when they get it.
@wuss I'm with you all the way here. Cord: A hole in the rug, or installing an additional outlet on the floor were the 2 options I thought of b/c I'm the same way OCD-wise. Even having a lump in the rug where the cord goes would drive me crazy too though. Style: I think this looks really cool, but I don't see it looking right with the rest of my furniture which is a bummer. I wouldn't be super willing to go down the road of needing to replace other furniture just to make it look OK next to this. Cost: This is the one thing I'm super impressed with. It's basically the cost of decent looking coffee table. And those range some simple modern, to complicated ones with some storage.
Cool idea but i'de like to see a nice way of running a power cord to a table in the middle of my living room.
@sebastienb its a start. I am sure version #4 might be powered by thorium batteries
@tayler2412 @sebastienb Agreed. I'm thinking something could resemble Akanvas' "wireless" charging. Maybe it tucks under the couch and extends out under the table to charge at night.
@kristofertm @tayler2412 If I were building a house or making some renovations to my living room I would add an outlet the floor where the coffee table would go even if I don't purchase this table. I always wish my coffee table had an outlet or charger for my phone or computer.
I wonder, as with most fridge units, would this table end up being noisy?
It's like put a coffee table like fridge in my living room, weird.