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Hello Product Hunters! Developer of Sobo here. I'm happy to answer any questions or to hear your feature suggestions ;-)
@alanb42 very fun app. I'm only seeing 10 people. is there a way to explore more or search for people?
@hrishio Tap the blue person with the "+" and search for me. My username is alanbraverman.
BTW, a new version of Sobo, updated for iOS 8, is currently awaiting Apple approval.
@hrishio you rock! What do you think of Sobo? What's your sobo handle?
@kattya no points for guessing - it's @hrishio!
Awesome app. Work with @alanb42 and the team. Would love to hear what features people would like to make SOBO even better.
@alanb42 @kunalcagarwal would like if you made it easier to browse top sound bites. Hard to find good content currently.