Real-time awkward moments (powered by Twitter)

I designed a new app! My pal @andrewfashionla made all the code -- in fact, it's his very first app! A fun little secret: shake the phone to discover other popular #hashtags.
Cool app - fun to play around with in your down time!
Wow, I love the design of this app. The beginning walk through was great. I want the ability to select a hashtag from a list if you click the current hashtag at the bottom. Also the app crashes if I do the shake to switch hashtag thing more than once. Can't believe this is your buddy's first app though, it's awesome!
@rjun07a ahh how embarrassing it totally crashes!! Also, I love your idea about the list!! Ramping up for a quick v1.2 -- thanks for the feedback!
@rjun07a hey, *i think* if you delete the app and re-install, the crash should go away. We can't seem to understand why though... Thanks again for reporting!!
@selamefekili Just re-installed it and it stops crashing now :D
@rjun07a such a weird bug, it's blowing my mind over here trying to fix it, haha.