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The rules are simple. If you get the middle seat you get both armrests, end of story.
@gabriel__lewis If only people followed these unwritten rules, the skies would be much savvier.
@gabriel__lewis Aisle seat gets the extra leg room, middle seat gets both arm rests, window gets to sleep on the side. This is a society people, we're not bloody animals :)
As someone who is quite broad, I struggle to find any room on armrests whilst flying. It's always a battle between who gets the front or back part of the armrest. This seems like a simple and easy solution to this problem!
I'm a little surprised we haven't seen a crazy airplane fight video yet that started over the armrest. Airlines should pass these out to everyone before one breaks out.
Looks cool, what type of material is it made from?
@shaunpmoore It's recyclable plastic with a removable leatherette covering: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0725K...