Save 💰 cleaning inactive members from Mailchimp on autopilot

Save money keeping your Mailchimp list lean and nimble while unsubscribing inactive members.

Soapchimp removes inactive subscribers from Mailchimp maintaining your lists just with active members, don't waste money with inactive subscribers.

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Hello Hunters! Here @glabeek and @alexisesposito creators of @soapchimp. With Alexis we are always trying to create tools to facilitate the life of people working on digital marketing and we are eager to automate time consuming or 'joules' consuming tasks (they suck up your energy, not your time). SoapChimp takes care of saving you money with your Mailchimp account while unsubscribing inactive members from your list on autopilot. It's a tool to 'set and forget', you configure how many campaigns a member has not opened to be considerer an inactive subscriber and we take care of the rest. We would really appreciate your feedback! P.S: there's a special *** 20% lifetime discount *** for all the hunters valid till next 08/17. Just ping me and I'll grant you the discount.

Great tool to put in and forget.


saves you money



Could be useful. How do you define Inactive users? Are these unreachable or users who do not engage?
@loomiassistant Hi Al, thanks for your message. The user has to define how many campaigns a members has not opened to be considered an inactive member. So, inactive members are those who have not opened the last x campaigns of your Mailchimp list. Let me know if you have more doubts.
Hey Gaston and Alexis, congrats to see you starting SoapChimp! Looks super useful! Peter
@spekulatius1984 Hey Peter, thanks for your support and positive vibes 💪