SoapBox for Microsoft Teams

Meeting + Agenda app for Microsoft Teams πŸ“…βœ…

Manage your team meetings without ever leaving the Microsoft Teams experience πŸŽ‰ Build agendas, tick off items as you go, revisit past meetings and always stay on task and up to date with notifications from SoapBox.

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πŸ‘‹ Hi Product hunt! We're back to launch SoapBox for Microsoft Teams. πŸŽ‰ Our previous launches of our mobile apps and slack bot went well, so I wanted to keep you in the loop. As I'm sure you've seen, Microsoft Teams is Microsoft's attempt at a "slack killer." We've been surprised at the number of enterprise businesses that are already on it, so we quietly launched an app a few weeks ago. Holy smokes! It started doubling our daily sign ups... and people seem to be loving it so far. Managers from EA, IKEA, Bulgari, Comcast, Virgin, ThomsonReuters, Cox Communications, etc are getting their teams moving with SoapBox. What you currently see is free, but we have so much more coming soon! Give it a shot! We'll be in the comments today to chat!
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Soooooo awesome to have this live! I'm excited to hear what questions and thoughts others have!
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Its a great product to help streamline your managerial tasks


Great application


None so far