The SoapBox app fuels one-on-ones and team meetings for over 30,000 managers worldwide.

Now, with the addition of SoapBox for Android, it’s easier than ever to stay connected to your team. Collaborate on meeting agendas, notes, and more with SoapBox.

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👋Hi Product Hunt, We launched our very first version of our app here a looong time ago. Since then you've helped us hone in our how exactly to best manage your teams through 1:1 meetings. Since then we've helped over 30,000 managers (!!) run better 1:1s with their direct reports... and more importantly, helped those direct reports manage up, better! One of the things we've heard over and over is that you do your one-on-ones while out and about (us too -if you’ve never done a one-on-one at a park, I strongly recommend it! ☀️). So, we're thrilled to share part 2 of the SoapBox mobile experience: our brand-new Android app! 🎉 It’s never been easier to stay connected to your team while on the go. You should try your next one-on-one out of the office with SoapBox’s mobile apps. I think you’ll love it! 📲 We'll be here in the comments if you have questions!
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The guys who built this are amazing!





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An excellent tool as is, the android app really helps make the connection with staff much easier. I'm considering it for my company.


Android makes it easier for orgs with BYOD policies, and where more than 50% of mobile device users are using Android devices.


Probably shouldn't have taken this long to deploy an android version.