Soapbox by Wistia

Chrome extension to record, edit, and share videos.

#3 Product of the DayJune 12, 2017
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Such a killer product idea. This is a royal pain to do right today, and given the native Wistia integration (which we already use at Moz), I think we might have a solution to showing off products and SEO tips & tricks that's gonna be as easy to make as it is to watch. Nice work Wistia crew!
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Hey y'all, super excited to be launching Soapbox today πŸš€. If you know Wistia, you know that we love video, and we sure make a lot of it. With Soapbox, we wanted to make a simple tool that is: * Super fast. If I have to string together a chain of tools to make and share a video, I likely just won't do it. * Authentic. I want people to see my face and connect. * Professional. I personally am not that jazzed to send a screencast with a voiceover to folks outside of Wistia. We wanted to provide some simple transitions and editing to make the video more professional and polished. We've been really excited by the explosion of simple video creation tools but most are very centered around screen sharing. We wanted something that put the webcam more front and center. Very excited to hear what you think! We've also developed some pretty cool tech to make all the editing instant. Definitely down to rant about that too ;) And of course, thanks for the hunt @loaibassam!
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@brendan been playing around with it the past hour, addicted already... brilliant work! πŸ™Œ
@brendan Congrats on the launch, Brendan -- and very well executed. Glad I can finally talk about it! :)
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@dharmesh Thanks! Feels really good to have it out in the wild.
@loaibassam thanks for hunting. We are using it already for client offers and staff onboarding πŸŽ‰
@anderiep You're most welcome! i've just used it yesterday to record a quick video instead of an email ;)
Love this - there are plenty "record your screen" chrome extensions. Soapbox adds a simple editbar and blows everything else I've seen out of the water! I'll definitely be using this for quick little videos to share out. Thanks Wistia!
The problem this product solves already has so many damn solutions out there, but still remains challenging to handle right. One thing Soapbox seems to capitalize on is the desire from tons of people to want to show their face as well as their desktop/screen when they make these videos. Managing that split has been a pain and this seems to make it easy. Excited to use this on one of my projects soon!
Yay! I'm so happy this is in the wild. I try to run 'asynchronous' meetings where I brief everyone via a quick video ahead of time. Soapbox is a billion times easier/faster than screencapping in quicktime, recording my webcam, and then editing in Premiere. And the final product looks better too.