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Soap is an AWESOME mobile app and a new way to tell your story, on your own or with your friends. Feel free to ask any questions, the co-founders are there : @taku_bl @vctrio @aaaaaadrien ! Here an example of a bubble in SOAP http://app.soapapp.co/follow/401...
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@SkyWiiiz : thanks for the post @rhoover : thanks for the access
Loved this concept when I heard about it. Kind of pissed I forgot to use it on my recent vacation. It's still really minimal but the core concept is there. I'd love to have more features like title slides, music, etc to make it a stronger entertainment experience.
@DavidSpinks : Thanks! Too bad for your recent vacation but I'm sure there will be new occasions to start a soap very soon! We'll work on the kind of features you mentioned but we really want to focus first on the core experience which is just sharing clips and add them into your ongoing timeline, on your own or with friends. We'll keep you posted when new stuff will be ready for testing.
Apart from 'bubbles' being shareable on the web, how is this different from Snapchat's stories?
@marmelroy pretty sure one big difference is that multiple people can contribute to one soap.
@DavidSpinks not quite. Snapchat's OurStory is also for multiple people to contribute to but the intention is indeed different (Snapchat limits OurStory to major global events and Soap seems more geared towards encouraging 'soaperstars').
@marmelroy : On SOAP, people post moments they want to keep and share. (i.e : if you go for a road trip with your friends and create a story together, would you like your story to disappear? ) About unique features: - Stories can be created by different people at once. - You can have multiple ongoing stories at the same time. - Stories are shareable outside the app - and lot more... Hope i answered your question and feel free to ask if you need further informations
Really like the idea here. Feels a lot like a more flexible version of Tastemade.