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Hello Hello Product Hunters! I'm the founder of the Soal App. I'm happy to share the Soal story here... I was inspired to create Soal ("Sounds Of A Lifetime") in September 2013 at my grandfather's 90th birthday party in South Dakota. Everyone in attendance was given a USB flash drive which held an audio interview. Throughout the interview, my grandparents told the story of their lives -- their "audio-biography." I could even hear their kitchen clock chiming on the hour. It was like a time machine transporting me back to their house as a kid. I thought this was a super awesome gift. I figured we all had a microphone on our smartphones and set out to create an easier way to record and share stories. And so our "Audio Ancestry" theme was born. (This is me telling the story at a demo in January.... A second inspiration behind Soal came from my mother-in-law, Pat. In November of 2012 she was diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer's Disease called Posterior Cortical Atrophy (PCA). PCA patients not only lose their memory, but they also lose their vision. Pat has always been a big music fan. As the disease has progressed, she has become much more responsive to voice and sound. With Soal we can save and send songs, stories, and sounds to keep her smiling. I also think Soal could help add a voice to the #EndAlz campaign that the Alzheimer Association and Hilarity for Charity are promoting. (Hear me talking about Pat here... A third inspiration behind Soal came from a void left in social media. With all the typing and texting in the world today, we really don't HEAR from our friends and family as often as we'd like. I don't think Facebook needs a "sympathy button." I think it needs a Soal.... (Hear a late night birthday wish we sent an Android friend via SMS last week.... The Soal team has started small but has always been thinking big. There is much more to tell. Let me know if anyone would like to hear more. Regardless, have a Happy Memorial Day weekend! Be sure to say "Thank You!" to those serving our country.
@natebrakke WOW! What an amazing, amazing story. I am going to check this out this afternoon. Your inspiration says so much!
@corleyh Thanks. I believe it was that Beatles that said, "All You Need is Love." We have definitely put a lot of love into Soal.
@natebrakke It sounds like it!